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Obtain a Permit

We (Wake County Alcoholic Beverage Control) do not have the authority to issue permits. The state of North Carolina requires any business that wishes to sell alcoholic beverages must first obtain approval from the State of North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission. There are different permits for various types of sales.

Buying Liquor as a Permitted Establishment

Once proper permits have been obtained, the State of North Carolina will notify Wake County ABC of approvals. After notification is provided, any permitted establishment is then able to purchase liquor from Wake County ABC.

How to Order

Permitted establishments may order product by visiting the “ELICENSEE” ordering website here. Please take note that different payment methods may require further documentation from financial institutions. If you have questions or problems with ordering, please contact the Wake County ABC main office (919.832.2726) and ask to speak to the Mixed Beverage Coordinator. We will be glad to assist in any ordering, log-in questions, or password resets. Please know that Wake County ABC offers delivery service. Be sure to inquire about that if interested.


To get more information and answers to questions on obtaining permits through the State, please visit their website. You may also contact them by phone at 919.948.7941.

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