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DCABC Profiles: Meet Mike

Michael Mitchell is the Operations Manager at Durham County ABC.

In this role, Mike helps DCABC's nine retail teams and its Mixed Beverage Department thrive! He focuses on helping the teams provide all aspects of excellent customer service to those we serve: from making sure our associates have extensive product knowledge, to acquiring a vast variety of products for businesses around Durham, to providing a safe and friendly environment for shoppers and employees alike, Mike's got you covered!

A big advocate for five-star customer service, Mike is proud to say he has a part in providing great shopping experience for the Bull City's local community.

Mike is no stranger to the retail industry. With more than 40 years in retail, he has spent 35 of those years working as a manager, and is thoroughly familiar with the ins and outs of the industry. His strongest skills include providing spectacular customer service, ensuring staff development, project management, communications, store and merchandising set-ups, interpersonal leadership skills and creative problem solving.

For our Mixed Beverage customers: Mike's background and experience provides professional service that can help you prosper, profit, and grow your business.

Get in touch with Mike Mitchell below, and remember: great customer service is just a phone call away!

Office: (919) 419-6217 ext 9061

Cell: (919) 407-1430



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