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Durham ABC's Bourbon Drops

DCABC Customers,


Thank you for another great year! We decided to try out a different way of distributing allocated bourbon throughout our stores. If successful, we will be able to drop about 100 bottles almost every week at one of our stores for our valued customers.


DCABC Board Bourbon Drop:


-          Drop happens randomly at one of our 9 stores once a week.

-          DCABC Store Employees do not know which store will be picked or what time until it shows up. Please do not call the stores seeking information.

-          Employees of Durham County ABC Board are allowed to purchase unless they work at the store where the drop takes place or the DCABC Admin Office

-          Bottles will not be held for customers or employees

-          Every single bottle we bring in, will be placed on the sales floor and monitored until purchased following these rules:

  A. The drop will be announced along with the store hosting the drop as soon as the bottles are available for purchase. The announcement will be made on our website.

  B. Limit one bottle per customer.

  C. Bottles will not be held for employees or customers.

  D. Employees must be off the clock and not wearing their DCABC uniform to purchase a bottle.


Keep an eye on our website next week to stay informed! Best of luck,

The DCABC Team


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