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Can I place a special order online?

No. As of right now, to order special order items you must go to one of our stores as all special orders must originate at the stores, so we have the ability to track the order.

How to place a special order

Visit the DCABC store where you will pick up your special order and talk to the employees.

The store personnel will key it into the system if it is an item that is available in North Carolina.


Once the item is ordered in the system at the stores, it gets ordered through another portal. When it arrives at the state warehouse (usually 2-8 weeks, sometimes longer) it will get shipped to our warehouse here in Durham. Then we will process it into our system and get it to the store where the order was placed. The store personnel will then notify you that it is ready to pick up. 


Payment is due at time of pick up and you can purchase 1 bottle or the entire case.


There are many items that are regular coded items that Durham does not carry as well, if the item you are looking for is not a special order item you can have the store request that we get the item for you.  Depending on availability, we are sometimes able to make that happen. If an item is allocated or is a limited time release, we may not able to order or request those items.


To get more information and answers to questions on obtaining permits through the State, please visit their website. You may also contact them by phone at 919.948.7941.

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